[10 photos] of shelter dogs the moment they get adopted

Another concerned citizen by the name of Anuchit Uncharoen went to social media to try to find the owners of Leo. In his message, he uploaded a few photos and mentioned that the dog has been waiting for its lost owner for four years.

The good people of the Internet shared the message and a miracle happened, Leo’s real family found it.

They contacted Anuchit Uncharoen and told him that Leo looked like BonBon – the dog they lost four years ago in 2015. The family tried to find their dog after realizing that he had disappeared, but didn’t fail to find it and assumed the worst.

BonBon was really happy to see his family, but surprisingly unwilling to follow them home. It seemed that he had decided to stay with the woman who had looked after him for four years.

The family supported BonBon’s decision and let him stay with Saowalak.

The family promised to help take care of BonBon, come to visit him and help pay the vet’s bills.

Everyone on social media was surprised and confused, but happy that BonBon was finally able to see his old family and find a new home.


1-Completely Smitten

This adopted puppy couldn’t be more in love with his new mom. Just look at the way she looks at her with love with the deepest admiration. This little Australian smile just takes the level of kindness above!open nex Page To See more

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