[10 photos] that prove these ‘tough’ dogs are actually scaredy-cats

When you think of the most common traits for which dogs tend to be known, words like courage and loyalty often come to mind. Of course, many dogs actually have many of these traits in most circumstances. However, there are a few things in the life of almost every dog that will turn them into a big old scared cat


The funny thing is that most of these fears tend to be totally irrational and inexplicable. Petrified by the photographed look of some celebrities on the A list and terrified by touching hardwood floors, you’d be surprised at what makes the loose interior of some dogs stand out.

Here are 10 of the most hilarious pictures on the Internet of scared but fearful dogs.

10. Some dogs hate A.I.

It could be that dogs are much smarter than us, humans, when it comes to knowing what to fear. This dog seems to have a very healthy fear of his human Roomba. Of course, it sucks the floor, but if it decided to suck your soul too ?Open next Page To See More





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