[10 Things] You Need To Know About The German Shorthaired Pointer Before You Buy One

german longhaired pointer


german longhaired pointer


While dogs of the breed (like most breeds) are much more often kept as pets rather than working dogs today, they still retain many of the basic traits that made them well suited to the roles of work, and that must be taken into account in their care. and management.

2. German shorthaired pointers are very intelligent

The German short-haired pointer is a very intelligent dog breed – in fact, it is ranked as the 19th most intelligent dog breed of all, out of a total of 138 different dog breeds considered for classification.

This means that they are incredibly fast learners, often learn simply by observation and are able to learn and follow a wide and diverse range of commands.


3. They also have very high energy levels


Like many breeds of very intelligent working dogs, the high intelligence of the German short-haired pointer is also associated with very high energy levels, and it is absolutely not a breed of dog that will thrive in a mode of very sedentary life or with an owner who does not like spending a lot of time outside.

A German short-haired pointer needs at least two hours of walking a day to thrive, and these must be varied and lively.


4. The breed is a touch on the expensive side to buy


According to our AllTHING ABOUT FAMILY statistics, the average asking price for English shorthair German pointers for sale in the UK in August 2019 is £ 825 per dog, and for non-pedigrees about £ 690 per dog.

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It’s a bit more than the average for all breeds and types of dogs, but it’s usually not enough of a difference to potentially cost a lot of owners of potential short-haired German pointers.



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