[12 photos] of shelter dogs the moment they get adopted

shelter dogs

When it comes to the heart-warming moments, there aren’t many who see the joy of a rescue dog if they realize they finally have a new home. Just like Freddie Mercury, dogs in shelters are just looking for “someone to love.” The radical change between sad and lonely-eyed puppies in cages with energetic and smiling dogs that they become when they realize that they are going home with their new family forever shows how grateful they are for being saved. Read on to hear some of their stories, but just a warning – you might want to have tissues on hand.

Just in time

Sweet Scarlett had to be euthanized at the shelter due to overcrowding and because she suffered from a minor, curable skin condition. Its new owner took a look at this precious face and couldn’t say no!


Safe at home, Scarlett has turned into the happiest girl they’ve ever seen, full of smiles and swirls. She is now healthy, happy and free, and it shows in the joy she brings to her new family. Thank goodness she was saved in no time!

All smiles now

shelter dogs
After being neglected month after month because of potential adopters who speculated on her breed, this precious well mixture named Princess Ru was finally adopted. Just look at the dramatic difference that a little love can make for a shelter puppy!open next page to See More





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