12-year-old boy builds disabled puppy abandoned Lego wheelchair

12-year-old boy builds disabled puppy abandoned Lego wheelchair
When Gracie was just a newborn puppy, her owners – insert the swear words here – threw her away like a garbage can. And when she was rescued, the poor girl was covered in maggots. He also lacked the hairs under his eyes. His rescuers also realized that he was missing his front legs because of a birth defect. No one could tell what difficulties she had encountered in her young life, but they knew that Gracie was going to have a tough fight.


Gracie was eventually adopted by the Turley family – a family that runs their own shelter. The family already had a paralyzed dog and a three-legged chihuahua, so the nice little Gracie seemed to be perfect for the family. However, the Turley family was concerned about Gracie’s mobility because she was a growing puppy and was not yet eligible for a wheelchair.

That’s when Dylan, a 12-year-old volunteer, came up with a brilliant idea. He decided to make Gracie a makeshift wheelchair Lego – something that could easily be readjusted flexibly as Gracie grew up. Dylan’s ingenious idea proved to be very effective and Gracie was able to take her first steps with her special wheelchair.


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