13-year-old boy cries when he learns that the puppy of his dreams is a gift from his late father who planned everything

Logan Kavaluskis of Hudsonville, Michigan, is 13. Like many children his age, Logan dreams of one day having a puppy of his own.


However, his father Joe always had bad allergies and could not give his son the dog of his dreams.

For nine difficult and emotionally charged years, Joe battled myeloma cancer. He died in January 2020 at the age of 47.

Before he died, Joe created a very special surprise for his beloved son, and he asked his wife Melanie and the rest of the family to help him give birth.

In the clip below, Logan’s cousin Jon turns around in their car and hands the boy an adorable Boston terrier puppy.

At first, Logan feels like they’re just bringing the dog to its new owner.

Moments later, Jon reveals the truth that makes you cry: this puppy is Logan’s birthday present. And that’s not all.

“It’s from your father,” Jon said. “It’s your dog.”

Logan is shocked, having no idea that his father had organized all this before his death.

“Dad wanted you to have a puppy.”

Watch the incredible moment Logan meets his new best friend, Indy.



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