15 Signs Your Dog Has Anxiety And How To Help

Whether you have two or four legs, anxiety can be a miserable experience. Unfortunately, our furry children are not immune to anxiety. Many dogs suffer from anxiety, whether only during thunderstorms or a low level of continuous anxiety. How do you know if your dog is anxious? What can you do to help your dog if he is facing anxiety? Here are the signs that your dog is anxious and the ways you can help him.

Signs of anxiety in dogs
Tucked tail
-Peeing or pooping at home
-Licking your nose
-Destructive behavior
-Excessive woods
-Expression of glands
-Repetitive behaviors

Causes of anxiety
There are many different anxiety triggers in dogs. Some of the most common are:


Treating Dog Anxiety
To treat your dog’s anxiety, you need to understand the cause. A dog with separation anxiety will need different treatment than a dog with age-related cognitive decline and anxiety. It may be helpful to talk to a dog trainer or your veterinarian to discuss how best to treat your dog’s anxiety.







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