“Dog Gets Back To Family” Two Years After Being Stolen

In May 2017, the Peterson family had an incredible loss. Their youngest dog, a four-month-old German Shepherd named Cedar, was stolen from their backyard in Florida. The Peterson and their three other dogs were all devastated by their loss.

The Peterson have posted posters all around Miami, but they have not heard of Cedar. Months and years passed, and they began to think that they would never see their beloved dog again.
In April 2019, a miracle finally occurred. Police found Cedar in a Colorado ditch. The poor dog was malnourished and her leg was injured. But even if she was in pain, she was as nice as possible.
The police took the dog to the vet’s office where she was treated for her leg injury. They also checked her chip and learned that she belonged to Petersons.
The vet’s office called the Peterson, and they were shocked to learn that their beloved dog had somehow reached Colorado. They were so happy to know that she was fine!


“I immediately cried,” said Tamara Peterson at the Miami Herald. “I could not believe it. I was shocked. It’s almost two years to the day.

Cedar spent three weeks recovering in Colorado. Then it was time for her to go home to Florida. A group called Wings of Rescue proposed to bring Cedar home.

Wings of Rescue is an animal rescue organization that takes pets away from disaster areas and rescues them from overcrowded shelters. The organization offered to bring Cedar home, as they were already heading to Florida with 35 puppies they had saved from an overcrowded shelter.

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Almost two years after Cedar’s flight, she finally found her loving family. The Peterson were all so excited to have their sweet daughter back!
“Miracles happen, especially when you microchip your animals!” Writes Wings of Rescue on their Facebook page.

Cedar is still recovering from her ordeal, but she is getting better every day.
The Peterson gave her a lot of love and attention, and her siblings were also delighted to see her. Tamara Paterson says that once Cedar is fully recovered, they will take her to swim on one of Fort Lauderdale’s dog beaches.
We may never know what happened to Cedar in her first two years of life, but she is now back home with her loving family. We are so happy that Cedar is doing well!

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source :animalchannel.co