20+ Dog Breeds That Are Basically Teddy Bears Who Love You Back

In the meantime, there are more than 360 officially recognized dog breeds worldwide. including mixed
breeds, some of them look so adorable they remind us of live teddy bears you just wanna hug them and play with them never let them go

20. Chow chow


Chow Chows there is what we call them to chow they are not always good and nice to strangers but they are so lovely with their family.they can be stubborn, their owners need to be just as
strong-willed. On the upside. Chow chows are easy to housebreak and they are so clean

19. Keeshond

Keeshonds are ready to share their happiness with strangers if their owners are friends with them. They learn quickly and can make great therapy dogs!open Next Page to See More










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