[5 Adorable] Photos Proving That Sometimes Animals Are Better Than People

We can learn a lot from the incredible love and compassion that animals show to other living beings.

Unlike us, they do not allow fear, jealousy, and pride to cloud their feelings of love and empathy; when they take care of someone, they do so wholeheartedly.

Their pure expressions of love and altruism often inspire us to want to be better too. And they remind us that we all have the power and potential to make the world a better place for those around us.

Sometimes we forget what a simple act of kindness can mean. That’s why we’ve put together some wonderful and inspiring examples of big-hearted animals in the gallery below


1-These two furbabies love each other despite their differences



2-After this formerly stray dog found a forever home, he kept coming back to visit his best friend – a pelican. True friendships are for life.


3. When his three-year-old human got sick with the flu, Hammer cuddled up next to him to make him feel better.

4. There’s really no reason for dogs and cats to fight. It’s so much nicer to cuddle.

5. This sweet Golden found her owner out in the snow after he’d fallen and broken his neck. Kelsey kept him warm and barked until help arrived which ultimately saved his life.





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