5things you did not know about the Lakeland Terrier

5 things you did not know about the Lakeland Terrier
The Lakeland Terrier is known for its curiosity and ability to solve problems. This intelligent breed enjoys physical or mental challenges and is ideally suited for an active lifestyle. Here are some more interesting facts about the Lakeland Terrier:

1. They were named for their place of birth

The Lakeland Terrier is named for the Lake District of England, also known as Lakeland. Before being called Lakeland Terrier, he was known by different names, including Fell, Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Patterdale Terrier.

2. They were raised to hunt foxes

The Lakeland Terrier was originally developed to hunt foxes that killed the sheep of English farmers. The farmers would take the Lakeland Terriers out hunting in packs, accompanied by two hunting dogs. Lakeland Terriers were also used to hunt otters and vermin.Open next Page To See More






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