[7 photos] that show the beautiful bond between dogs and their humans

There are countless photos on the Internet of people with their dogs, and some of them show us just how much our bond with our dogs can really go. Here are 20 photos that prove that there is no love like the love of a dog.

1. You have a wingman wherever you go

Do not be surprised if you get a dog and you end up with it wherever you go. Of course, at first, you will tell yourself that it is only in the pet store. Then you will find yourself driving with a small dog that thinks it’s a parrot glued to your shoulder.


2. And a cuddle buddy


Just like when you have children, when you develop a bond with a dog, you will realize that “time alone” quickly becomes a thing of the past. This is when you can experience moments like this. Don’t fight it. Just kiss the love of the dog.





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