A blind and deaf dog comforts every foster animal that passes by its house




Sheryl Smith has saved and transformed animals for years and tends to gravitate towards those that everyone has abandoned. When she first heard of Shiro, a partially blind and deaf dog who had been in two shelters and 12 foster homes, and had been adopted and discharged four times, she knew she had to help him. His anxiety was crippling, and Smith quickly decided that she and her family would take it themselves so that he would finally know what it was like to have a home forever.

“He was a handful, but everyone abandoned him, and we weren’t ready to do it too,” Smith told Dodo, who adopted Shiro in 2018. “He is still crying in the car today that he thinks it is deposited elsewhere. “

Even if Shiro is still struggling, it is far from the time when his family first met him. Because of everything he has gone through, the sweet puppy has a soft spot for other animals in need, and from the moment he joined his family, he has taken comfort for all the different rescue animals that cross his home. open next Page To See More



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