A “dog” breaks a fence so he can finally meet his neighbor next door

A dog breaks a fence so he can finally meet his neighbor next door


Bailey was rescued during Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and placed in a foster home, which quickly decided to adopt her. Since then, she loves to run in her fenced yard. If she did not play with her brother, she would run alone until her neighbors had a dog.

As soon as Shep joined his family next to Bailey, he also started playing in his yard, and soon after, the two men began to discover each other.
“They started to really notice each other around May,” Bailey’s mother Tessa Llewellyn Holmes told The Dodo. “It all started with digging and I noticed that they had each dug low enough to touch the nose under the fence. They were also running together along the fence when they were both outsides. It was fun and fun.

Shep and Bailey seemed to know from the start that they were meant to be friends – they just did not find a way to really be together face to face.

“You could say they wanted to meet,” said Holmes. “Bailey is very athletic and has also learned to jump into my 4 ‘high raised flowerbed and peek over the fence.”Open next Page To see More






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