dog that looked like a little mom is so cute now

When Blondie joined the Maricopa County Animal Protection and Control Service in late October, the hairless little creature barely looked like a dog.

The mixed chihuahua’s skin was forceful and wholly covered with crusts and gave it a mummified look. She was labeled “at-risk” for euthanasia, but the shelter’s volunteers refused to abandon her. Instead, they posted a video of Blondie and a call for help.



“When we saw the video of her at the county shelter, we took a breath away,” Caitlin Beall, co-founder of Sky Sanctuary Rescue, told Dodo. “She looked shaken in her kennel and so frightened. We knew she needed to get out and fast.”

Beall and his co-founder, Elli Smith, rushed to the shelter, excited to see the little dog that had gone through so much. “We were looking forward to meeting her. The kennel staff took her to us, and her skin was even worse than we expected,” Beall said. “I don’t even know how to express the severity of his skin condition.”open The next Page to See More










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