dog that looked like a little mom is so cute now


They immediately took her to the vet for an examination and discussed the names for her along the way. They chose Blondie, hoping that one day the bald dog would have a coat of beautiful blonde fur.

The veterinarian discovered that Blondie was suffering from a skin disease called demosexe, as well as a number of other problems. After being released from the hospital, Blondie returned home with Beall.

Blondie quickly got used to Beall’s other dogs, but she was extremely careful with people. Beall feared that the fearful dog would never learn to trust after what she had been through.

Today, Blondie’s future looks bright. She started running and playing for the very first time, eager to engage with her adoptive siblings. “Before that, Blondie had only one speed: the speed of laziness,” Beall said. “She walked slowly on tiptoe wherever she went.”

The little dog has also regained her appetite – especially for the bones. Every time she wags her tail wildly, her adoptive mother couldn’t be prouder to see her transformation into a loving and excited dog.


source: Sky Sanctuary Rescue

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