A dog trains his family to give him a farewell hug

Max also cuddles when he leaves, making sure to show love to each person before going through the door. “When we leave the daycare, if there are other people waiting for their dog, he likes to give each of them a hug before coming to see us,” Mr. Toope said.

A proper goodbye is only part of Max’s elaborate routine – his greetings are even more fun.

When he sees someone coming home, he waits at the door looking out the window. Then he chooses the shoe he’s going to give. “When they come in, he dances around their feet and when they have taken their gift from him, they receive a welcome hug at home,” says Toope.


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Aww. Bye bye.

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Cuddles are very important to Max, and he always likes to be included if he sees one without him. “He will do everything he can to fit into the embrace,” Toope said. “If he fails to do that, he will try to disturb him.”

Fortunately for Max, he is almost always invited to participate.


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