A man catches his “watchdog” napping


A man catches his “watchdog” napping

This little dog named Gracie is good at a lot of things, but especially at one thing in particular: doing nothing at all.

“She’s the definition of cold,” Gracie owner Scott Hubbard told the Dodo. “He’s the most relaxed dog I’ve ever met in my life.”

This laziness, however, makes Gracie a terrible, terrible watchdog.

Although Hubbard and his family certainly did not adopt Gracie in order to defend their home, they assumed that the little dog would start yawning in the yard to alert them if something went wrong.

But it turns out that getting upset isn’t really Gracie’s style.

“She’s the opposite of a stereotypical chihuahua,” Hubbard said. Go to next Page to See Video






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