A military dog ​​receives a medal for bravery and decides to chew it

The PDSA Dickin Medal of Bravery was established in 1943 to honor the work of British animals during the Second World War.

The Special Forces Mali dog, an 8-year-old Balinese, recently became the 32nd recipient of the Canine Prize for the award, considered the highest honor an animal can obtain for its military service.

Corporal Daniel Hatley and his captain, Daniel Hatley, went to BBC Radio 4 to discuss the honor of confusing his prestigious prize with a chew toy!

BBC Radio posted an adorable photo of Hatley trying to drape the Mali Medal around his neck. Instead, the dog grabbed the ribbon between his teeth – a tender reminder of the mischievous canine soul of the war hero!

Mali has received the Dickin Award from the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) for detecting explosives and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan during a special boat service mission in 2012. He continued to guide his team even after being wounded by three grenade explosions, determined to provide them with a safe route. Open next Page To see more





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