A military dog ​​receives a medal for bravery and decides to chew it

Thanks to Mali, the seven-hour mission was a success. Special forces were able to secure a key enemy stronghold in a multi-story building where a group of heavily armed suicide bombers was hiding.


His courage and perseverance saved the lives of many of his fellow British soldiers.

On the day Mali received its medal, PDSA Chief Executive Jan McLoughlin said:

“Mali has demonstrated a truly impressive ability and determination to search for explosives and insurgents during a crucial operation. Achieving this by being in close combat and facing such an intense enemy attack makes him an incredibly worthy recipient of the PDSA Dickin Medal. ”

After recovering from injuries to the stomach, chest, ears, and teeth sustained during the mission, Mali withdrew from active service. He is now working as a training dog for the Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC), helping new dog handlers hone their skills.

The Malian award is so prestigious that 68 other animals have received it for their services in nearly 75 years. Previous PDSA Dickin medals were won by 32 pigeons, 31 dogs, four horses, and one cat.






H/T to Unilad & The UK Independent

Featured Images via Facebook/British Army & Twitter/BBC Radio 4 Today


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