A police officer makes sure that the puppy found freezing will never be cold again

On an unusually cold day in January in Daytona Beach, Florida, when temperatures plummeted below freezing, an anonymous tip led the animal control officers to a tiny, wet, VERY cold Pit Bull puppy. They warmed her in their police car with a blanket and the warmth of their bodies, as well as holding her close to the ventilation of the car so that it could be heated by the hot air. Then they took her to the Halifax Humane Society. Police spokeswoman Lyda Longa said today:

“She was caught between two rocks. She was soaked 4.


Barry KuKes is the Community Outreach Director for the Halifax Humane Society. He added:

“She was dying of cold.”

Kera Cantrell has been a member of the Daytona Beach Police Department for 21 years. While visiting Halifax for her lunch break, Cantrell saw the puppy, now named River, crying in a kennel. She said today:

“I put it on my chest. She snuggled against me and fell asleep … I said, “She’s mine.” I knew it.

Cantrell, who cried when she heard about River’s rescue, could not get her home right away because she was so young and she was still bottle-fed. Cantrell went every day or two every day to check River until she could bring her home on February 2nd. The river seemed to know she was coming home forever, as she could not help licking Cantrell’s face. Open next Page To See More




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