A puppy sits in a shelter smiling at everyone who passes

A puppy sits in a shelter smiling at everyone who passes

Courtney Wingate was at local animal control when she ran into three lab puppies in a kennel. As director of the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana, Wingate knew she couldn’t leave the adorable puppies behind – especially when one of them displayed the most charming smile she had ever seen.

Wingate called volunteer Sarrah Walton, who ran to pick up the 8-week-old dogs. A big LSU fan, Walton gave the puppies the names of Joe, Bureaux, and O, in tribute to the quarterback and coach of the school’s football team.

The puppies tested negative for the parvo at the vet, but once to the rescue, Bureaux, the smiling puppy that melts the heart fell ill. They rushed him back to the animal hospital where he recovered amazingly.

Back in the hospital, Walton began to notice that every time someone spoke to Bureaux out loud, telling him he was a good boy, the puppy immediately showed his little teeth with a big smile.

“It’s every time you talk to him nicely… he has that smile as if he wants something,” Walton told the Dodo. “[It’s] as if he were saying to you, ‘Come and caress me, come and love me.’ “OPEN NEXT PAGE TO SEE VIDEO







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