A security guard becomes a hero after protecting a dog from the rain


Without hesitation, Dearman offered the dog his own umbrella. He held it over the puppy’s head to keep it dry and safe. He felt that the dog needed much more shelter than he did, so he was willing to sacrifice his own comfort to help a dog in need. The best part of the photo is that the dog looks happy and grateful for Dearman’s kindness.

An act of kindness goes viral
A buyer took an adorable photo of Dearman’s interaction with the dog. She shared it on Twitter, where she immediately gained popularity. After only one day, the post already had more than 96,000 photos and 12,000 shares! Even Dearman shared the post, saying how grateful he was for making others happy.

“It seems I made a lot of people happy today,” Dearman wrote.

Very quickly, everyone called Dearman a hero and asked him for a raise. Morrisons responded to some of the comments, so maybe this nice security guard will soon be even more recognized. After all, not all security guards would go out of their way for a dog in need.



H/T: themanc.com
Featured Image: @MelGracie_/Twitter

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