A shelter dog begs everyone to love him as he walks past his kennel


Photos: Facebook/Desiray Miracle-Wilder

A long-time shelter dog does not beg for treats or toys, but the love and affection of humans.

Speck, a two-year-old Border Collie, spent the past year and a half at the Bullock County Humane Society. The nice boy waits patiently for a home forever and loves everyone he meets. Although he gets along well with dogs and cats, he absolutely loves people.

He needs their attention and their love. “He literally wants you to hold his hand. It’s going to make a wonderful pet for someone,” said Desiray Miracle-Wilder, director of the Bullock County Humane Society.

The love virus was continually neglected by adopters until a video of it went viral. Desiray was doing her rounds and cleaning the kennels when she captured Speck crossing her kennel to get attention. She recorded Speck wrapping her paws around her arms and clinging to it for life.Open next Page to See video










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