A shelter dog – “big and nasty” melts when given a blanket


Not all dogs pose perfectly at the shelter.

In fact, many dogs are frightened and confused, as they have just been abandoned by their family to what appears to be four walls – and total loneliness.

This is an even more lonely situation for pit bull-type dogs – thanks to a reputation for totally undeserved wickedness.

“These big bullies are not adopted like the others,” Karri McCreary, a veterinarian and animal rescuer at Vet Ranch, told iHeartDogs.

It is not surprising that when potential adopters walk through the corridors of a shelter, they see many long faces on the other side of the glass.

But when McCreary visited a dog at the Greenville Animal Shelter in Greenville, Texas – a shelter that was also the scene of an epidemic – she saw something entirely different: a lonely soul.

She gave the dog, whom she called Big Boo, a bed and a blanket.

And the dog from the shelter, said “big and bad,” melted.go to nex Page to See More









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