A stray puppy wags its tail at every passer-by to try to get noticed

Even though they were far from home, Lek and his friends set out to help the puppy. But it proved difficult.

“We decided to ask the people who were coming before to adopt her, to take responsibility for looking after her. When they saw that she was a female, they lost interest.”

They were running out of options when it occurred to them to ask someone they were around.

“Finally, we asked our driver, Thushara, to take care of her for us. He agreed.”

She is healthy and happy with Thushara and her family. And she still recognizes Lek, even after three years.

Young and old, rescuers change lives because they have acted. Lek Lek’s rescuers conclude: “We can always change a life of our care.”

Watch Lek Lek’s warm reunion with his rescuers in the video below.



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