A terminally ill [dog is adopted] and ready to start his list of buckets -SEE STORY

Rusty is a one-year-old rescue dog who is looking for his home forever. He looks as happy and healthy as any other dog, but unfortunately, there are many things you can not tell by looking at him.

In Georgia, a liver shunt was diagnosed in Rusty. This means that his liver can not detoxify the blood because of an abnormal vessel that moves blood away from his liver.

He underwent surgery to help restore normal blood flow, but unfortunately, it did not work. They tried everything to put him back in good health, but they could not do anything. His liver is too small and he can not function properly. We do not know how long he can live. However, he has not let that hold him until now.

Looking for a home
Rusty was sent from Georgia to the Animal Refuge League in Greater Portland, Maine. Right away, they noticed that Rusty seemed to be doing very well. He enjoyed doing daily walks, playing with toys and snuggling. It was almost impossible to say he was terminally ill.Open next Page To see More









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