A terrified mother tried to find a safe place for her puppies

Love of All Dogs Rescue received a phone call from a dog lover worried about a litter of puppies she found in the bushes. Fearing for the safety of her puppies, Mom quickly moved her babies to another hidden place. Unfortunately, she did not realize that her new hiding place would put them all in danger.

When the rescue responded to the initial call, the puppies were long gone. Mom had already moved them, so all the rescue could do was wait for them to be seen again. Two days later, the puppies were found, but this time they needed immediate help.

The rescuers found the puppies hidden under a truck in a puddle of cold mud. Mom did her best to hide the babies from the public in the best way possible, without realizing the risk that they would freeze in the cold mud.

Mom, the dog stood there to watch the rescuers pick up the shaking puppies one by one and dry them with a hot towel. They saved the five puppies from their hiding place under the truck and planned to bring mom with them.

It was clear that the mother was terrified as she remained shaky watching the rescuers pick up each puppy. After several attempts to catch her, it was clear that she was not willing to participate.Open next Page To See More




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