A “three-eared” puppy born in the United States – video


At first glance, it is a puppy-like all the others. But on closer inspection, we can discern a third ear, the origin of which has not yet been clarified.

An Oklahoma City woman recently picked up a puppy with an unusual defect: something that appears to be the third ear is growing on the right side of her face.

To local media, Heather Hernandez explained that she has a shelter that often accepts dogs that cannot adapt to others. This was exactly the case for this puppy, who was named Trip.

“We can say that it is much more than just a piece of skin. It is connected to something else, but what exactly? Only x-rays can explain it, “she told Fox 6.
She suspects that the animal is suffering from other health problems because “it attacks” and often loses its balance when it walks.open next Page To See Video







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