Abandoned Dog and Broken Heart Tough Guy Run

Abandoned Dog and Broken Heart Tough Guy Run

The user of Imgur Humdrumdergifan (we will call him OP for “original poster” from now on) was the very portrait of a difficult Texas man until a special dog entered his life and allowed him to express its softer side.

When OP discovered that a dog had been abandoned in an empty apartment during the eviction of its owners, he immediately presented himself to adopt it. The puppy had been alone without care for an entire week.

According to OP’s Imgur account, the sweet little bitch remained unknown for so long because she was too shy and shy even to bark. When she was finally found, she was covered in urine and excrement and dangerously dehydrated.

She spent the night and the next day at a local veterinary hospital receiving IV fluids and being slowly reintroduced into food. When she was kind enough to be fired, OP was there to pick it up. Since then, the adorable pair have been inseparable. Open the next page to see more.





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