Adorable guide dogs welcome Zoom call



If you worked from home during quarantine COVID-19, it is likely that you have received more than enough Zoom calls. Every time your company holds a new Zoom meeting, it can be hard to look forward to.

However, Guide Dogs Australia recently hosted a Zoom meeting that any dog lover would love to attend. Indeed, the meeting was led by several adorable guide dogs, including a 3-week-old puppy! Having a meeting with other humans can be annoying, but when a group of dogs is involved, everything changes for the better.

Guide Dogs Australia has decided to hold a Zoom appeal in honor of Guide Dog Day on April 29. Usually, they organize a fun charity event for this special day, but this year they had to change their plans. Social distancing led them to rethink how they would celebrate.

So the staff realized that it was much safer to make a Zoom call. The purpose of the call was to introduce some of the amazing dogs and educate others about the work they do. In other words, it was a lovely way to spend his lunch break. They encouraged anyone interested to join them for this special event.open next page to see more











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