Adorable guide dogs welcome Zoom call

An encounter with the puppies!
The Zoom meeting consisted of 7 adorable guide dogs and of course, their humans. More than 1,200 people jumped on the call to see these remarkable dogs. In addition, they were able to learn exciting information about what Guide Dogs Australia is.

The highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the new team member. This is a 3-week-old puppy named Zoom, according to the program. Zoom is the cutest of things, and he behaves so well in front of the camera. During the meeting, they explained that he was very special as he was the only puppy in his litter. Most litters of guide dogs end up with about 5 to 9 puppies.

When the staff presented all his dogs, he also explained the story of each puppy. Not all Guide Dogs Australia dogs are capable of becoming guide dogs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help in other ways.



H/T: countryliving.com
Featured Image: Screenshots, @GuideDogsAustralia/Facebook

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