Adorable puppy is too nice to cut him off as a police dog – but he gets a huge career improvement



Adorable puppy is too lovely to cut him off as a police dog – but he gets a considerable career improvement

You may not think there is something too friendly with a dog, but a puppy from Brisbane, Australia, has just proven that there certainly is.
Gavel is a beautiful purebred German Shepherd, and when he was just a little puppy, he was enrolled in the police dog training program. If he could pass his courses, Gavel would be in the K-9 unit of the Queensland Police Service. While it was an honor to serve in the group, it just wasn’t what fate had in store for this puppy.

It’s not that there was anything wrong with the puppy, per se, but it certainly wasn’t “in tune” with the rigorous program. Why? Because he is just a great lover.
Gavel did not integrate into the Doggy Police Academy because he did not care too much about the work of the police. Rather than sniffing explosive devices or tracking down criminals, the puppy much preferred to turn around for good belly rubs.

But it turns out that everything in Gavel’s life will be fine.

It’s better than good! When the puppy was kicked out of his police training program, an entirely different job awaited him just around the corner…

The socialite puppy was the perfect dog for the official position of viceregal working dog.
The best part of Gavel’s major upgrade? He has nothing else to do than what he already likes; be friendly. After all, politics is about fooling the right people, and no one can do better than a puppy. open nex Page To See More


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