[Adorable] Rescue ‘Puppy’ turns out to be a wild dingo

Adorable Rescue ‘Puppy’ turns out to be a wild dingo
A woman in the small town of Wandiligong, Australia, made a very special discovery when a rare animal fell from the sky and into her yard.

Jayne Guiney assumed that the small animal was a lost puppy or baby fox when she spotted it for the first time.

“I woke up and went outside and heard a moan behind the house, I looked up at the back of the house and saw a small animal right on the edge of my three-meter cliff. “Guiney told Dodo. “I grabbed him as he fell and he huddled in my arms, I always thought he might be a fox because his face was sharp, but he was sturdy like a puppy.”

After letting the pet recover over the weekend, she took him to the local veterinary clinic. The vet immediately realized that he was not a normal puppy and contacted the Australian Dingo Foundation, a non-profit sanctuary that encourages the conservation of dingoes.

An examination revealed that the dingo, later named Wandi, was about 5 weeks old and had marks of scratches on his back from the raptor that had stolen him from his family.

Wandi is still too young to understand the correct behavior of the dingo. The sanctuary associated him with a playmate of the same age to show him the ropes.

“He was a real little character right now,” Kevin Newman, a volunteer with the Australian Dingo Foundation, told The Dodo. “He was very friendly to people and put his little teeth in your arm, no matter who you were.”Open nex Page To See More 


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