After surgery, a blind dog could see his family for the first time


A retired nurse opens a hospice for dying elderly dogs who are discarded without love.

Over the years, she has been heartbroken to see many families throw away their elderly or terminally ill dogs without an ounce of love or care. So she decided to turn her own house into a hospice for these unlucky dogs.

Called the “Gray Snout Canine Hospice Project,” this hospice welcomes dogs that have only six months or less to live. Nicole used up much of her savings by adopting dogs that are only days away from being slaughtered.

Nicole’s crusade does not stop only after the adoption of sick dogs. She also makes sure to give the dogs a luxurious life in their last days. She not only treats them with steaks and ice cream but also takes them on fun trips to the beach. Thanks to Nicole’s tireless efforts, dogs do not feel unloved and unwanted in their last days.



Many of Nicole’s dogs have beaten their diagnosis and have lived longer under her love and care. Nicole is terrified that many elderly and sick dogs still die alone after being evicted by their families. She hopes these owners start to be more thoughtful about their dogs instead of the ghosts. If you would like to contribute to Nicole’s noble cause, you can donate on The Gray Muzzle website here.





Click on the video below to see how many lonely and dying dogs benefit from Nicole’s project!


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