After the death of his best feline friend, this big dog was saved by pint-sized enthusiasts

Flora and Dexter formed an unlikely couple, but their obvious differences never affected their friendship. Weighing about 100 pounds, Flora is an Alaskan lover, Malamute, who was saved from the Best Friends Animal Society, and her best friend, Dexter, was the cat she loved to hang out with.

But when Dexter died at age 22, Flora was facing an uncertain future. Flora loved Dexter so much that her well-being deteriorated when she realized she would never see her feline friend again. His heart had a cat-shaped hole and the dog’s family thought they knew what to do.

The Williams family of Kanab, UT, returned to the Best Friends Animal Society to find a new friend for Flora. They adopted two young cats and, although Flora treated the new family members with kindness, there was no instant connection as it had been with Dexter. Cats were not interested in cuddling the big dog and Flora was still sinking into depression.

Desperate to help the rescue dog, the Williams family tried a different tactic. They went back to the shelter, but this time they decided to think smaller. They returned home with four adoptive kittens – Iggy, Bowie, Roxy, and Glamor. The lovely quartet was installed in one of the children’s rooms, where they had lots of toys and cat beds to make them feel at home. The children were more than happy to take on the role of foster parents, but they were not the only ones who wanted to help. open Next Page to see more


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