An elderly dog called ‘fardeau’ escapes euthanasia and finally finds a loving family

At first, the man refused but had to change his mind because he never picked up Coco from the shelter. After the appropriate waiting period, his LifeLine buddies began looking for a family worthy of adopting him.

“We knew Coco deserved a family that would love her as much as she loved them,” Hirsch says, “and that’s exactly what she found!”

Alicia and Eric McIntyre already had experience in rescuing and caring for older dogs when they welcomed Coco into their home. Her veterinarian discovered that not only was most of her teeth missing but that Coco also had a slumped trachea and was shot with a pellet gun at some point in her past.

Despite her flaws, the McIntyres have embraced Coco as she is, and thanks to them, her days of pain and loneliness are over. They can’t erase his past, but in the six months since his adoption, they have gone above and beyond to make sure his future is full of joy and love!

Shortly after her rescue, Alicia and Eric took Coco on her very first visit to the pet store to choose a special toy. Enter Chuck – a strange combination of chicken and duck.



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