An orphaned baby squirrel followed a Pit Bull home and now they’re best friends

And Everly doesn’t lack any of these wonderful traits, because he’s a dog that loves everyone and makes friends wherever he goes, including with other animals.

Maybe this adorable little squirrel felt this and decided to choose Everly as the perfect adoptive mother for him. Anyway, the dog welcomed the squirrel with joy. And Morgan Joy Groves, the owner of Everly, was not at all surprised by her dog’s reaction to the hairy adopted baby.

The two had met the squirrel during a walk and he was entirely alone.

While Everly and his owner continued to walk, the squirrel continued to follow them – only to finally return home with the couple.

Everly was only too happy to welcome him after that, and the little squirrel didn’t hesitate to get close to Everly. In fact, the little squirrel showed no fear by climbing on the dog, curling up with it, and enjoying a nap together.

Groves and Everly have said goodbye to the little squirrel, who has gone to grow up with two other squirrels, and eventually, the trio will be released into the wild when it grows tall and ready.

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