Animal abusers will now be registered as sex offenders


Think of it as a victory for animals across the country.

For each abused puppy, abandoned kitten or medically tested rabbit, it’s a victory. No question.

The new law is gaining popularity across the country, and this is something everyone can agree on.

A number of US jurisdictions have established an animal offender registry, which will publicly disclose the names of known animal abusers in the area, in the same way, that sex offender is registered.

Currently, Tennessee is the only state to have an animal offender registry, but other cities such as New York and Cook County, Illinois have it locally.

So how long will they be on the list? And what information will be in the registry?

The Tennessee registry is monitored by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and can be viewed at the TBI or any local country office. Each aggressor will have his name, date of birth, offence, date of conviction and expiration date.

The first animal abusers will be registered for two years. An additional period of 5 years will be added for each subsequent violation after the two years. Open Next Page To See More





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