Australian Army Troops Spend Their Breaks Caring For Hungry Baby Koalas


The lives of members of the 9th Australian Brigade have not been easy lately. With an area larger than the island nation of Iceland on fire, a number of Australian Army regiments have been called upon to assist. Others lend a helping hand and a bottle, out of a spirit of duty and compassion.

The 16th Regiment Emergency Support Force, for example, spent their rest periods helping animals at Cleland Wildlife Park. While some soldiers have proven useful in building combing mounts inside the park, others have grabbed blankets and lifted their elbows, treating the hungry baby koalas who live there.

“A big boost for our hard-working team in the Adelaide Hills,” posted the 9th Brigade on Facebook.

The images of the troops with koalas nestled in their arms did not lack attention.

“This should be part of the training of reservists and regular soldiers in the event of a disaster,” said Jeanette Rengel. “Include medical and other skills, such as fire fighting, law enforcement. Make it a national initiative. Like the National Guard. “


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