Australian Army Troops Spend Their Breaks Caring For Hungry Baby Koalas


“This is another photo of Australians sticking together to help anyway,” wrote Arlene Davies. “Good co-workers and girls. The future will be ours. Animals will never forget it. The kindness of people. ”

“Yes, it’s a great sight to see two species entwined, thank you guys, you rock,” wrote Julie Eldridge.

“I love this photo,” posted Dianne Bale. “How many soldiers have this wonderful opportunity. Koalas look like hairy babies and are very comfortable, thank you very much. ”

“If it doesn’t make you proud to be Australian, then nothing will,” wrote Tracey Mitchell. “Thank you to all the wonderful and dedicated men and women who fought tirelessly for our beautiful country in many ways  Now they are again, with another fight on their hands to help with the fires and to save our precious fauna. Bless you, all and the little babies you feed»

“I just want to give a shout to people from Australia from Montana to the United States,” wrote Kit McLain. “I am overwhelmed by their efforts to save their native animals who were injured in the fires. Without forgetting more than a billion lost. 😢 Many are only found in their large country. Their efforts are phenomenal as seen on the news and Facebook. I love the articles and especially the videos. What a horribly difficult situation to live with, but…  they kick a__! You are incredible, dedicated and loving people. I still make small crochet nests to play my little game but I want you to know how much I admire you  “

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