Awaiting Slaughter At Meat Farm, Dog Gently Lifts Her Paw As A “Thank You” To Her Saviors

The dogs are kept in terrifying conditions, many of them are placed in small cages, they receive a small amount of food every day and are forced to live in their excrement and urine. It is a nightmare to read and testify.
Many of these poor animals catch diseases, because of the conditions in which they are placed, those who are not being sent to the farms where the massacre takes place, and they end up with 0 chance of escaping the cruel fate, and the dogs feel it.

That’s why, in the group of dogs saved from this cruelty, Sandie, a bitch, caught the attention of her saviors when she gave them the paw as a sign of thanks when the realization hit her: she is saved.
Afterward, the pretty Sandie was adopted by a warm family who welcomed her and gave her all the love and protection she needed. Despite the black, she faced because of humans. Sandie is so kind and has so much confidence in the human.

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