Bertie the Pomeranian Chocolate Looks Like a Baby Bear

Bertie the Pomeranian Chocolate Looks Like a Baby Bear

Meet our friend Bertie (Bertram’s diminutive)! This is one of the most adorable dogs you’ve ever seen. This chocolate pomeranian is making a name for himself. It’s probably not hard to understand why this little guy recently went viral. It’s just too cute not to be shared.


That’s why her recent Instagram post was so popular. His humans first found him through the popular website Petfinder. He now lives in New York and spends a lot of time at The Hole, the art gallery of his human friend. When he’s not there, he’s probably at home getting all the kisses and hugs.

Because we’re nice here, we’ll share with you our 15 favorite photos of Bertie! If you want to know more about its daily existence, take a moment to follow it on Instagram…

1. This guy cleans well, doesn’t he? What a beautiful guy we have here.

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