Blind dog who was shot 17 times gets a new lease on life as a devoted therapy dog

This is the story of an incredible dog named Maggie


His will to survive is more than exciting, but it would be a decision to make after surviving the worst trauma imaginable is nothing epic.
Maggie is a mixed breed dog born in the war-ravaged streets of Lebanon.
She was barely five years old and found in a horrible state. The homeless dog had been abandoned in the street, tied to a box, and that was not all. His body was totally injured. One of his ears had been cut off and four bullets had lodged in his eyes, blinding him forever.
The Wild At Heart Foundation, a British rescue hideaway, discovered the dog lying, helpless, frightened, blind and alone. They saved Maggie and took her back to heal her wounds and help her heal.

When Kasey Carlin, the usual foster family’s assistant, talks about the dog’s incredible story, it’s happening for the first time to Maggie. She was adopted by the host family and was seduced by Maggie’s wonderful personality.



The strength of will and perseverance that the dog has shown has inspired his adoptive wife.
“She is just a normal dog. She moves, she runs, she leaves on a leash … And she is brilliant. I know she knows she is blind, but she does not act blindly at all, “she told BBC, amazed by how quickly Maggie learned to adapt.
After a little less than a month with Maggie at home, Carlin knew she would have no way to give up this extraordinary dog. Maggie had already made her way into the heart of her foster child and had turned into a nice and comfortable place like her baby. So, she formalized and signed Maggie’s adoption papers in her home forever. Open next Page To see More



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