‘Broken’ dog can’t stop smiling when he realizes he’s finally safe

These animals who endure cruelty can often give up on life, believing that there is no hope of happiness.

Sanford was considered a “broken dog” when he arrived at a shelter in Texas. He had been crushed but had also been shot in the right leg.

He stayed in the corner of the refuge and looked at no one.

But when an adoptive mother brought him home and introduced him to his other adoptive dogs, he has been smiling ever since.

The adoptive mother, Karen Velazquez, says that he is the happiest dog she has ever met.

“I am currently in my 52nd foster family, and I can truly say that I have never had someone as jovial as him,” Karen told Dodo.

“He looks at me in a way that no other animal or human has ever looked at me, including my own pets. Essentially, the only time he doesn’t smile is when he sleeps or eats. “

He was found by the roadside by animal control officers after being struck by a car and was also shot and injured in the right rear paw.



He was taken to a small shelter in Dallas but they were short on resources so he didn’t get any medical care.

Thankfully a volunteer from local dog rescue group Dallas DogRRR, spotted Sanford and knew she had to help immediately.open next Page to See More





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