Children’s Hospital Therapy Dog Retires After An Incredible 11 Years Of Service

Abe has changed human life for the better since he was an awkward and fluffy puppy. Its owner, Judith Bonifaci, was mourning the loss of her beloved Golden Retriever when a friend suggested that she fill the dog-shaped hole in her heart with another furry friend. Bonifaci has sworn that his next puppy will have a goal and that together they will pay for all the love and joy that his previous dog had brought into his life.*

“I knew if I had to have another dog, I wanted a dog that could make a difference,” said Bonifaci in a story on the Seattle Children’s Hospital website. “It was then that I decided to look for a puppy to train to become a therapy dog.”

She went in search of the perfect Golden Retriever puppy. He who possessed all the beautiful traits of the breed is known for his intelligence, his training capacity, and his calm, gentle and outgoing nature. When she met Abe, Bonifaci immediately knew it was him.

“I always said he was born to be a therapy dog,” she said. “From the moment I met him, I could tell that he was an old soul who had a special purpose in life.”

When it came to obedience and the specialized therapy dog ​​training required for certification, Abe was a natural. At just 14 months old, he became one of the youngest Goldens to pass his assessments and start his career. Open nex Page To See video






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