City launches programs to improve the lives of street dogs

City launches programs to improve the lives of street dogs

The city of Soledad de Graciano Sanchez, Mexico, is taking steps to ensure the health and well-being of its animals in 2019. And not only pets but also stray animals that roam its streets!

According to local authorities, an estimated 300,000 stray dogs roam the city in need of basic care. Instead of looking away, the municipal government works for hand in hand with its citizens who love dogs to support these stray dogs.

One of the first initiatives taken by the city this year is a program called “ComeDog”. In collaboration with the local citizens’ intervention group Respuesta Ciudadana, the town hall has installed 15 food dispensers in public areas where empty-bellied dogs can find a free meal and clean water. The dispensers are made of simple PVC pipes and filled with dry food donated mainly by the inhabitants of the city. Respuesta Ciudadana will be responsible for ensuring that the dispensers are filled regularly and offering a friendly hand to the dogs they encounter there.Click “Next button” to continue reading and remember to share with your friends on Facebook







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