Clever Dog convinces his people to adopt his “twin”

In my opinion, one of the most challenging things to be an animal is to prevent you from going out and saving a group of animals. When you can take care of a dog or cat that needs it, that instinct can be tough to resist. Bethany Coleman knows it too well.

His puppy Snape, originally rescued from Boston’s Animal Rescue League, cunningly persuaded Coleman to adopt a dog for her.

Coleman told Bored Panda that she did not want another dog at that time because she and her boyfriend Tyson already had two older cats and Snape.

“I was not about to add one more animal to the mix, which, in their mind, would never let us rent an apartment at home.”

Her emotions and her greedy puppy Snape had other plans for her.

One day, she and Snape were walking around a local farmers’ market. It was the day that Last Hope K9 Rescue was there with adoptable dogs.

Snape immediately vibrated with one of them: another member of the Cairn Terrier group, Beast. Coleman, of course, could not help but notice the attraction.Open nex page To See more



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