Coors Light Is Spending $100k To Cover Dog Adoption Fees Across America This Month


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it looks like the dogs are going into action this year. Coors Light is intensifying this month and allowing anyone to bring a dog to their family.

Between February 5 and February 21, Coors Light will spend approximately $ 100,000 on adoption costs in the United States. It’s their way of helping 1,000 eligible dog owners by paying up to $ 100 in adoption fees each. It’s a very nice gesture that any potential dog owner over the age of 21 can take advantage of.

In order for Coors Light to pay the adoption fees, you will need to send an adoption receipt to the beer company. The text message should be COORS4k9, sent to 28130. You will also need to send a photo of the adoption receipt.

After an exam (and if you are one of the first 1,000 eligible participants), they will give you up to $ 100 for adoption fees.

This offer is valid in the United States unless you live in California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia or West Virginia.






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