Coors Light Is Spending $100k To Cover Dog Adoption Fees Across America This Month



Chelsea Parker, Marketing Manager at Molson Coors, said:

“The handcuff season is a major cultural trend and creates tension for our young drinkers as they navigate the stress of finding someone to spend the cold months with.”

“With almost half of the millennials planning to stay on Valentine’s Day, we wanted to help people enjoy the day with Coors Light and a dog by their side.”

The ASPCA reports that some 6.5 million pets will end up in an animal shelter in the United States this year. 3.3 million of these animals will be dogs.

Another sad statistic is that about 1.5 million refuge animals will be euthanized each year. These figures concern 670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats.

A Coors Light spokesperson told CNN:

“There are so many dogs looking for their person and who have an unconditional love to give, so this effort was a natural extension of Coors Light’s latest ad campaign, which features a woman who chooses to skip handcuff season and relax with your dog and a cold beer. instead of.”

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